Company Background

Acorn Technology Systems was founded in 1980 to provide embedded microprocessor engineering services to the scanning electron microscope market. In that pursuit, Acorn developed an expertise in the design and implementation of hardware and software control systems used to effect image capture, electron beam scanning, precision stage control, high voltage control, communication, etc. Acorn designed its own inter-board network to provide for efficient communications between intelligent subsystems.

Acorn's expertise in software system design grew as requirements for automated system control and operator ease-of-use increased. Using C#, Visual Basic.NET, C++, ActiveX, COM, and many more technologies, Acorn has designed and implemented a suite of software that coordinates the process of automated defect review of microchips on a multi million dollar scanning electron microscope platform. Our defect review software, the flagship product on its platform, can be found in semi-conductor foundries all over the world. Some of our other products include a critical dimension measurement software package for semi-conductor line width measurements, a 5-axis motion controller hardware/software package and a high-speed turbine controller system.

Our offices are located in Massachusetts at the Devens Business Community.  This is the site of the old Fort Devens, which is now a planned business and residential community.  Devens is about an hour's drive west of Boston.


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