300mm Semiconductor Factory Automation

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300mm Semiconductor Defect Review
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Technologies, Tools and Standards Employed:
Visual Studio C++, Win32 SDK, MFC, NT Driver SDK, COM, ATL, Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturers International (SEMI) standards E87, E39, E40, E94

Given a stand alone, SEM based, defect review platform and software, add to this the functionality specified by SEMI standards E87/E40/E94 for 300mm wafers. In short, provide full factory automation via factory host interfaces. Acorn acts as the design lead to coordinate the design efforts of several outside consultants, client employees and Acorn staff.

Most design meetings were held at the Acorn facilities and follow up discussions were handled via telephone and email when possible. E87 (Specification for Carrier Management) was implemented first and completed on time. An outside vendor's automation package was integrated through the coordinated efforts of consultants and Acorn staff.

The second layer represented by SEMI E40/94 specifications (Processing Management and Control Job Management) was implemented next using the same team. This project also came in on time.
The following modules were designed by Acorn and partners to bring factory automation to the previously stand alone platform.

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Defect Review Application Modifications

The top-level defect review application added a Windows COM client and event interface to accept factory host commands and deliver status. It was essential to maintain the streamlined DR automation architecture while being able to respond to factory host asynchronous events such as PAUSE, ABORT, RESUME, QUEUE, and START. The addition of 300mm automation required the support of dozens of new use cases in a completely automated environment. The problem of manual (human) intervention in an automated environment is particularly interesting and was solved in time and on budget.

Third Party 300mm Automation Support

The GEM E-30 server was expanded to configure the outside vendor automation package. In addition, the GEM server was modified to assist the vendor software in delivering GEM style events to the factory host, and to provide certain automation statuses for an automatic light tower.

Windows COM Servers, Clients

A factory automation Windows COM server was developed to interface with the factory host and the defect review software using vendor software to implement the various SEMI Exx standards.

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