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Our team of software and design engineers has been together for 14 years, and two of us have been together for more than 20 years. We are all partners in the company - the newest having joined in 1989 - and enjoy a close working relationship. The organization is a low stress, highly productive enterprise that allows us to provide a very high level of support for our clients, with a small group. In addition, we enjoy the work opportunities that are presented in the areas of science and technology. Our experience ranges from 8-bit mini-computer design and assembly language coding to 32-bit object oriented software design. This gives us a view of systems that is uncommon in many companies.

William Lemiszki, BSEE, MIT, 1972

Bill is the Director of Engineering and a founder of the company. His principle duties include software architecture and design. As software architect he leads our white board sessions and summarizes the system design details into documents for all to review. He is also an expert programmer, having written commercial software for almost 30 years.

John Richardson, Ph.D. Physics, MIT, 1976

John joined Acorn in 1982. His principal duties include software architecture and design. John is also responsible for most of our math and science oriented algorithms. He has been the designer and developer for stage coordinate warping algorithms, electron beam alignment formulas, and video gain matching calibrations, as well as other support level control functions. He excels at optimizing algorithms for high-speed throughput, such as accessing, sorting, and searching in large data sets.

Dwight Calhoun, BSEE, Tufts University, 1976

Dwight joined the company in 1986. He is our project manager, systems designer, front line code integrator, and system tester. As a classic systems engineer, he's experienced at the matching of software to the operation of hardware. He also designs and writes many software utilities needed for system configuration, calibration, deployment and diagnostics.

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